chase September 27, 2017

Every one of us has had an undying passion and love for the game called Cricket. The entire game’s format is inviting and exciting. From wicket keeping and bowling to fielding and batting, each and every part of this game has its own tricks and talents.

Many of us would have dreamed to play this game, but due to our hectic lifestyles, we are unable to spend time to do so. For cricket fans who feel the same way, here’s a quick suggestion! Play fantasy cricket onlineand relive your passion for cricket. Here is why fantasy cricket is the way to relive your cricketing passion:

All Game Formats Can Be Played:

One of the major advantages of playing fantasy cricket is that you can play all game formats. From Test cricket to the latest T20 gaming format, fantasy cricket has matches aligned for each format. The rules of playing these games aren’t hard either. They actually match the rules of the real game formats. Plus you get to pick your favorite players from the playing teams according to the formats.

Real Time Statistics:

All fantasy cricket statistics are synced with the latest matches that are played by the players. Therefore, the fitness and other player statistics will be up to date. You would also get weather reports and other reports that could affect the outcome of the upcoming game. Using these real time statistics, you can select the perfect team that could win matches.

Live Score Updates:

As the outcome of the fantasy cricket match depends upon the real cricket match, you get live score updates of the team you have selected. Therefore, you don’t have to calculate the runs scored by your team by individually adding the runs scored by your players as it is done automatically by the fantasy cricket website.

Easy Selection of Players:

You would have all the information that is required to make an informed decision about your team. You can go for one side or choose players from both the sides to make a balanced team. The fantasy cricket guides are self-explanatory and easy. Using the guides, you can make your team selection within minutes. As all cricketing knowledge and expertise is at your disposal, you can actually relive your cricket passion with just a click of a button.

Win Money Doing What You Are Passionate About:

You love cricket and if you can make money by playing fantasy cricket, it is the best thing in the world. All fantasy cricket leagues have winnings. You can win by betting on separate matches or on the entire tournament. You can also win by betting on player statistics. There are so many ways to win money when playing fantasy cricket. All you need to do is register yourself on the fantasy sports website.

So, go ahead and relive your passion by playing fantasy cricket online. It is exactly the same as the real game with just the small difference that it is a virtual game.

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